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Healthy Mouths are Happy Mouths!

Since 1999, babies, children, and adults all over the world have been enjoying Chewy Tubes brand products designed and produced by Speech Pathology Associates, LLC.

Chewy Baby Teethers were designed by Mary Schiavoni, MS., CCC-SLP, a noted author and Pediatric Feeding Specialist, to support the formation of healthy jaw alignment and the development of baby’s early biting and chewing skills while leaving baby’s mouth open for oral breathing. Chewy Baby Teethers are recommended by Speech Pathologists and Pediatric Dentists for healthy mouth development.

Chewy Baby Teethers are free of latex, lead, BPA, PVC, and phthalates. And they’re made right here in the USA, in Maine!

Our Chewy Baby Teethers are designed for two stages of early oral development. Stage 1 Teethers offer babies 4 to 24 months a smooth, soothing surface for their sensitive new gums. Stage 2 Teethers offer babies 6 to 24 months a unique bumpy texture, perfect for sprouting new teeth.

Best of all, Chewy Baby Teethers develop biting skills safely and naturally!

They encourage jaw movement needed for feeding and speech skills, and they leave baby’s mouth open naturally for breathing and sound exploration.

Chewy Baby Teethers offer hours of FUN teething experiences for babies.

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Healthy Mouths are Happy Mouths!!!

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