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Chewy Tubes

Chewy Tubes offers 8 fun and effective tools for practicing biting and chewing skills. Biting on Chewy Tubes builds tone and strength in the masseter muscle and helps develop the up/down pattern of jaw movement needed for speech, feeding and overall oral motor skill. Children and adults enjoy biting on Chewy Tubes. More»

Chewy Qs

Develop baby's biting skills safely and naturally with Chewy Q's! Chewy Q's offer fun and developmentally appropriate mouthing experiences that are "Beyond the Pacifier"! Biting on the new Chewy Q exerciser helps strengthen the masseter jaw muscle needed to develop biting and chewing skills. Little fingers can easily grasp the attractive Chewy Q! Learn More»

Jaw Rehabilitation Program

The Jaw Rehabilitation Program is a patented series of goals and objectives designed to develop biting and chewing skills for successful feeding. Key strategies to initiate the pattern of up/down jaw movement are presented in an easy to follow format. All exercises are conducted with Chewy Tubes, eliminating the need to use actual food in treatment. Learn More»
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