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Videos and Testimonials


“Chewy Tubes have been a life saver!! My child desperately needed something to bite on that was safe to put in her mouth as well as acceptable at school. Chewy Tubes has filled that need!” – Mom

“Chewy Tubes offered my child a variety of oral motor tools since her days as a toddler to entering preschool. Thank you for Chewy Tubes!” – Mom


Hear how Meghan uses Chewy Tubes to satisfy oral stimulation needs in children

“It’s been a challenge to find oral motor tools that are appropriate for my child’s age as well as appropriate for use in the school setting. We have solved that problem with Chewy Tubes!” – Mom

“Thank you so much for Chewy Tubes!! My daughter bites on them all the time!!” – Mom

“Thank you for Chewy Tubes! They have saved my son’s teeth!! He wants to bite on everything and was ruining his teeth. Since we discovered Chewy Tubes, his behavior has definitely changed! Now, he loves biting on Chewy Tubes and it has saved his teeth. Thank you Chewy Tubes!” – Mom


 “I use them with my clients at our SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) before mealtimes. I give them to our clients 10 to 15 minutes before eating lunch and dinner to “warm up” the masseter muscle for chewing activity before the meal is served. In this way, our clients are able to maximize their capacity for biting and chewing food textures. I do this to increase patient safety during mealtimes and to promote oral feeding skills.”
– Speech-Language Pathologist in Skilled Nursing Facility
Rachel uses Chewy Tubes with Special Education Children


Sue worked in a public school setting utilizing Chewy Tubes
“This patient just wants to be able to eat textures again. He wants to eat a steak again! So he is practicing on Chewy Tubes to increase his biting and chewing ability.” – SLP at a New York Skilled Nursing Facility

“Chewy Tubes are the only thing my grandson will bite on!! His mother has tried everything and Jeremy will only bite on Chewy Tubes. When he is upset and stressed or needs sensory input, he will only accept biting on a Chewy Tube! When we travel, we take a supply of Chewy Tubes to be sure he can be satisfied the whole trip!”

– Grandfather of 10 year old boy

“Our whole school loves Chewy Tubes!! Thank you from all our students for your contribution to our school!” – Cerebral Palsy Center, Dublin Ireland  “My child used to bite on everything which was a huge problem at school. Since his therapist recommended Chewy Tubes, he has made great progress controlling this behavior. Chewy Tubes have made a significant difference in his life.”

– Mom – 8 year old boy

“Our students enjoy your Chewy Tubes immeasurably! Thank you for your contribution to our school! Our students use them in therapy and in the classrooms.”
– Petachya Special Education Center, Jerusalem Israel“Chewy Tubes have been recommended for my grandson by his therapist at school. We had one but lost it!! Please help! Where can we find more?” – Grandmother in CA

“My daughter’s therapist recommended using Chewy Tubes at school. We have had lots of success with them and my daughter enjoys biting on her Chewy Tubes!! Please help us to order more for her.” – Mom in Puerto Rico

“Our children in Romania loved Chewy Tubes!! Therapists and children alike enjoyed using Chewy Tubes in their therapy activities. A hearty “Thank you” for contributing Chewy Tubes to our mission trip!!” – Occupational Therapy students on Mission Trip

“Thank you for our receipt of Chewy Tubes for our little princess granddaughter. We have eagerly awaited their arrival and are so excited to have them!” – Royal Family in Philippines

“My second child enjoyed biting on Chewy Tubes as a young infant. When it came time for cutting his first teeth, I noticed that his teeth had a much easier time cutting through his gums and my baby had much less pain than my first child who did not bite on Chewy Tubes.” – Observation by Mom, Speech Pathologist

“My son’s therapist has recommended Chewy Tubes for use during the school day. Thank you for helping me acquire them so he can have a successful school day!” – Dad – 7 year old son

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